Shenzhen Chenggong Building Materials Co., Ltd., that was founded in 2001, specially deal in production and export of special cements, additives for cement and concrete, additives for gypsum, alkali resistance galssfibre, refractory castables, acid resistant bricks, abrasive chips and calcium aluminate in worldwide for hundreds customers over ten years.

Especially, our type WCS-1 / WCS-2 Rapid-setting Early-strength Accelerator for white portland cement, type PCS-3 Rapid-setting Early-strength Acclerator for Portland cement and light foaming cement boads and foaming concrete boards, type SAC-1 Rapid-setting Early-strength Accelerator for calcium sulfoaluminate cement and high alumina cement and foaming cement / concrete, are widely accepted by markets in the worldwide.


Main products for supply as follow:


1, Special Cements

1.1 High-strength Rapid-setting CSA Cement (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement, grade: 42.5, 52.5, 62.5, 72.5);
1.2 Rapid-setting CSA Cement (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement, grade 925);
1.3 Low-alkali CSA Cement (grade 42.5)   

1.4 High Alumina Refractory Cement (CA50 Calcium Aluminate Cement)
1.5 Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement (CA70, CA80, CA90) 
1.6 CSA Binder (Calcium Sulfoaluminate powder)
1.7 Oil Well Cement (class A and Class G)
1.8 Sulfate Resistant Portland Cement (SRC)
1.9 Low-heat Sulfate Resistant Cement for bulk volume concrete (42.5)
1.10 Fast-hardening Plugging Binder (Rapid-setting Water-proof Plugging Cement)

1.11 White Portland Cement (32.5,42.5,52.5)


2. Additives for cement and concrete

2.1 Rapid-setting Early-strength Accelerator for CSA Cement & High Alumina Cement (type SAC-1)
2.2 Flash-setting Admixtures for Shotcrete (Type PCS-1)
2.3 Rapid-setting Accelerator for portland cement and Light cement boards (Type PCS-2/PCS-3) 
2.4 Rapid-setting Accelerator for white portland cement (Type WCS-1/ WCS-2)
2.5 High-effect Expansion Agent for concrete (type UEA / CSA)
2.6 Retarder for cement and concrete
2.7 High-effect Water-reducing Additive for high-strength Cement & Concrete (Type WRA-1/WRA-2, Superplasticizer)

3. Additives for Gypsum

3.1 High-effect Water-reducing Reinforcing Additive for high-strength Land Plaster & Gypsum
3.2 Retarder for gypsum
3.3 Rapid-setting Accelerator for gypsum


4. Fibre for cement and concrete products

4.1 Alkali-resistant Glassfibre Chopped Strand 
4.2 Alkali-resistant Glassfibre Spray Roving
4.3 Alkali-resistant Glassfibre Scrim
4.4 Alkali-resistant Glassfibre Water Dispersed Chopped Strand
4.5 3mm Easy-d
ispersed Chopped Strand


5. Acid Proof Building Materials:

5.1 Acid Proof Bricks for industry:
Size(mm): 300x300x30/20/15,230x113x80/or 65/or 50/or 40/or 30/or 25, 200x200x30/or 20/or 15, 150x150x30/or 20/or 15,150x75x30/or 20/or 15;
5.2 Acid and Temperature Resistant Binder for affixing acid proof bricks;


6. Refractory Materials:

6.1 Refractory Brick: High Alumina Brick, Clay Brick, Light Insulating Bricks;
6.2 High Alumina Castable Refractories


7. Calcium Aluminate:

7.1 Calcium Aluminate for metallurgy;
7.2 Calcium Aluminate for water treatment.