CSA Binder (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Binder, CSA Powder)

CSA Binder (Calcium Sulfoaluminate Binder, CSA Powder)

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Brand Name︰CHNGN

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰100 MT

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Product Description

Shenzhen Chenggong Building Materials Co.,Ltd.(www.chngn.com) has been supplying CSA Binder (Calcium Sulfoaluminate powder,CSA). 

Calcium Sulfoaluminate powder is a kind of mineral with high early strength. It is main composition of rapid-setting cement, expansive cement, self-stressing cement. 

Calcium Sulfoaluminate powder is also used as accelerating admixture, rapid setting admixture, bloating agent for Portland Cement. CSA can cause portland cement products or portland concrete products rapid setting and fast demould.

Packing: big bag

specifications︰ Chemical Composition:
SiO2 6.0-8.0%Max, Al2O3 36%Min, Fe2O3 2.5%Max, CaO 40-44%, MgO 3.0%Max, SO3 8.5-10%, TiO2 2%Max

Physical Index:
Blaine Surface: 500-550m2/kg
Initial Setting: 10-90 minutes
Final Setting: 20-180 minutes
Breaking Strength(Mpa): 7.0-8.0(1 day), 9.0-10.0(3 day)
Compressive Strength(Mpa): 60.0-70.0(1 day), 85.0-95.0(3 day).

Specification is negotiation.

Advantages︰ Rapid setting
High Early Strength
Fast hardening
Micro Expansibility
Low Shrinkage
Low Alkali
Rust Resistant
Frost Resistance
Sulfate Corrosion Resistance

Export Markets︰ world wide

Pricing︰ FOB, CFR, CIF

Payment Details︰ T/T, L/C

Min Order︰ one 20'FCL

Ship Date︰ negotiation

Standard Met︰ JC714-96

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